Environmental Information

It is our aim to impact on our beautiful environment as little as possible.  We compost and recycle keenly, we use "green" and homemade cleaning products as well as recycled paper products when we can.  We also do our best to support local businesses.

"Sustainability - modern comforts with very little carbon use"


We are a fully solar powered off-grid farm, we generate all our own electricity from solar panels on the roof which is stored in a large bank of batteries, this is then converted into 240v power so its usable in the houses.  We do have a generator for use if it is absolutely necessary but this is rarely used and when it is we use bio diesel. 


The hot water used in the main house comes from solar panels on the roof, this is backed up in the winter with our wonderful wood fired ESSE range cooker, we use our own wood from our small woodland whenever possible.  During the winter we also use a biomass boiler (wood pellets) which heats water for the underfloor heating in the main house.  Casa da Bezerra has its own UK built wood burner that heats up the whole house in very little time as the granite acts as a perfect heat sink, absorbing heat from the sun (even in winter) all day and then letting it out inside the house after dark.  We can use our own sustainably managed wood in this burner as well.



Our water comes from a bore hole and is collected from the underground source over 45m deep, water filters through solid granite to get there and is cold and crystal clear.  We use this water for all our gardens and crop irrigation as well as in both houses for washing, cooking and drinking.


Throughout both houses we use eco cleaning products and we have our own septic tank with a deep, long soak away system for the clean waste water.  All our waste is sorted and recycled, the food waste goes to the animals so very little ends up in land fill.




Our long term aims

  • To source and erect a small wind turbine to help with electricity generation in the winter months especially.


  • To continue to conserve and use less water.


  • To carry on improving the irrigation system in the gardens possibly re-instating the ancient channels to irrigate the lower field.


  • We will continue to strive to become a “No Landfill” household.


  • To grow as much of our own food as possible from our own land.


  • Encourage and record wild life, create new homes and habitats to help preserve and promote existing and new creatures.


  • Improve our ability to support our local community and try to source as many of our own needs as well as those of our visitors from within a 20 km radius also to promote local activities and businesses to our guests.


  • We would like to continue the preservation and encouragement for others to explore traditional craft activities.