Local River Beaches

Praia Fluvais/River Beaches

For those of you who want to swim in quiet natural places and in fresh water that is cool and clear then the River Beaches in our area are absolutely perfect for you. 

In contrast to the more frantic and busy pace of the coastal towns the River Beaches are usually a calm haven and often have great facilities suitable for families too.  Some of the beaches are just lovely bathing spots but some have cafes, toilets, parking, BBQs, picnic areas, gardens and even playgrounds for children.  Some have lifeguards in high season too!  A lot of the beaches actually have sand, usually imported in, but it does create a nice area to swim, relax, play and enjoy the unbelievably clear waters.

It is also possible to explore and find your own secluded riverbank spot (we have one or two within 5 minutes of the house).  Whichever style of River Beach you like there will be one locally that will suit you.

Our nearest river, the River Alva is just the other side of our nearest town Oliveira do Hospital, situated at the bottom of a very steep sided valley the river is fed by water coming off the Serra de Estrela so its always lovely and cool.

Here are 5 lovely River Beaches along the River Alva from East to West. There are plenty more of them to explore in fact enough River Beaches for you to swim at a different one for every day of your stay with us!



This is a beautiful beach, it is fed by a small creek that flows freely along the mountain terraces into the Alva.  A famous landmark, the Ze Lages Well is the best place for a cold but refreshing swim.  The beach was one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal (Beach Edition).

This link will take you to a great article by Blogger and travel writer Julie Dawn Fox.



One of my personal favourite beaches.  Lovely cool water, deep on the higher side of the weir, with plenty of shade, picnic tables and a nice little cafe.  Great to take a book, grab a cold beer and sit with your feet in unbelievably clear, cool water and relax the day away.



Penalva da Alva

A small village with a tiny cafe and a lovely swimming area.


Ponte das Tres Entradas (The bridge of three entrances)

which in itself is beautiful, A bridge with 3 roads meeting in the middle! - this has a lovely, small beach area and great swimming at the point where the River Alva meets the River Alvoco.


Avo - Ilha do Picoto

named after the small island formed in the river this river beach has everything you would expect to find and more.  Calm deep areas of water, river fed paddling pool, picnic tables, cafe and the lovely town of Avo a close walk away.