Its all about the kids on Holiday

Keep the kids happy and you will have a more peaceful and relaxing time yourselves.


Kids love our Quinta! 

Casa da Bezerra is a kids paradise.  There is endless space to run and play with no roads, a small, cool and clear river with waterfalls and little beach areas to explore.  In the summer months the water levels drop and exploring by hopping from stone to sandy patch to tree roots is exciting and totally absorbing.  The river is cool and shady and teaming with wildlife, fish, frogs and water boatmen, take a bucket and net and see what you can find.  If its hot and you are feeling lazy why not just get into a small inflatable boat and float down under the trees?  For the more adventurous there are waterfalls and deep pools to play in, clamber down old weir walls built in Roman times and sit under the warm water cascades - bliss! 


We also have a kids splash pool which is full and ready to use between May and September (depending on the weather).  The pool is 5 meters across and just under 1m deep so its great for splashing, swimming and playing.  This pool is situated just below the private terrace so you can watch the kids play safely while relaxing yourselves.  If you want to sit closer we have sun loungers and shade right next to the pool.

We have a small woodland with pines, oaks and wild flowers, perfect for creating camps and hideaways as well a flat grass areas for riding bikes and playing games.



......... Bird watching ........

........ Nature Collection ........

......... Den building ........

........ Pond Dipping ........

We have animals to make friends with, meet our goats Arna and Elsa (Arna is the one with the horns) and little Sky, Arnas playful daughter, they are all very friendly and love carrots and dried bread.  We also have chickens so if you want to help collect eggs and feed them you can.  

At some point, we know, you will want to go off and explore further afield, there are lots of things to do and great adventures around the area.


Wild camping - We can provide tents, sleeping bags and roll mats or you can bring your own camping equipment.  If renting our equipment we can set it all up for your arrival or if you want a full camping experience you can pick your spot and put up the tent yourself. Great for Teens too!

Art and craft activities

Throughout the year we can organise a range of craft sessions for our guests of all ages lasting around 2 hours (they may be shorter or longer depending of the activity and the ages of those taking part). So how about trying out something absorbing and new? we can provide stained glass, felt making, willow workshops making simple hearts, wreaths and stars, mosaics, masks and puppets, seasonal decorations, macrame, natural soap making, scented candles, tie dye, polymer clay and much more! All of these activities can be adapted for kids.  If you are interested just ask.

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