We grow a lot of our own fruit and vegetables and have extras delivered to us from time to time by very kind Portuguese neighbours (a common occurrence in this part of Portugal) so I am always looking for ways to preserve the glut of produce throughout the whole year. All these recipes are easy to use with, mostly, pretty basic equipment. I have included some extra information on “Canning” as this requires further knowledge, special pans and utensils are useful here too. Please note - some recipes for using up large amounts of produce are also to be found in the other recipe sections (such as baking) - please follow the recipe link buttons for printable versions.



Canning food for preservation

Canning is an American word for this wonderful food preservation technique, also known as processing or “putting-up”. If you enjoy eating in season, meals can get really boring in the dead of winter. It is so nice to reach into your pantry and pull out a jar of summer-perfect tomatoes, vegetables or fruit on a cold, winter day. This is possible to do by using this method of preserving food in airtight containers that can then be stored at room temperature. This is something I do all the time and it is such a GREAT way of preserving and saving food without using sugar or salt. For more information on the technique and where to buy the equipment please click on the link below. You can also follow my Pinterest page on preserving food.



Lemon Cordial - perfect for that summer gin!

We have a beautiful little lemon tree that is now producing lovely, thin skinned, juicy lemons and Im always looking for ways to preserve both the whole lemons and the juice too. This is a great English recipe that works very well and, canned, will keep indefinitely bringing you that sunshine lemon taste all year round.



Candied or Crystallised lemon slices

A really easy way to preserve lemons and dress up lots of your baking projects. You can just eat them on their own - YUM!


Canning tomatoes for all year use

My lovely little helper Lola (my Granddaughter) has been helping me do this for 4 years now, its incredibly easy and very satisfying. It works so well I have not bought a tin of chopped tomatoes for 4 years!



Spiced Aubergine and Tomato Chutney

This is a lovely sweet tangy chutney that is really easy to make. It is the favourite at all my course lunches, everyone loves it!