A great way to spend a glorious Sunday afternoon

One of the very best festivals in our area

The Meruge Pork Festival is one of the most enjoyable events of the year here in Central Portugal. It has a slightly crazy Medieval feel, wonderful minstrels strutting their stuff, and the most captivating street theatre group who always put on a play that lasts (in small sections) the whole day.  Its a showcase for local food and gastronomy and a great place to mingle and meet lots of friends from the area.

In fact, looking at these photos just makes me feel hungry again, the food on display and for sale is lovely, honey roasted sunflower seeds, local olive oil, Chorizo, cheeses, fantastic bread, pastries and cakes, local honey and jams, the famous "Licor da Ginga" made with cherries and very sweet, chocolate and chestnuts are just a few.  The entertainment was fun, a street theatre group were very entertaining and the kids loved them.  The bands and musicians were also great wandering through the large, happy crowds and playing their hearts out.  All together a fabulous family day out.   Kimba our Grandson particularly enjoyed being a swashbuckling hero with his new "sword"