Portugal - the new 'Hottest' and 'coolest' place to visit?

The Australian news and entertainment website news.com.au has just listed Portugal as ‘World’s Hottest Destination’ and not just for the wonderful weather!

It predicts that while Iceland was popular in 2016 and Thailand hit its stride before that, 2017 will be the year everyone wants to visit Portugal.  The News Corporation site explains that Portugal has been popping up on list after list of the world’s hottest destinations for the New Year.  It continues that with US travel to Portugal increasing 22 per cent in the past 12 months, the country is at risk of no longer being the world’s best kept secret.

Recently a Spanish Newspaper El Confidential rated Portugal as ‘the coolest country in the world’.  They praised its technological innovation, tourism, sport and ability for dialogue with other countries, they also said it is “an example to be followed”.  El Confidencial’s report highlights Portugal’s political, cultural and social success as well as it’s sporting prowess and decreasing unemployment.

The Portuguese language has recovered its relevance and the football trophy of European Champions shines behind the glass with Christian Renaldo being voted, for the fourth time, the best player in the world.

Institutions elsewhere are copying Portugal’s model of decriminalising drug use and tourism is flourishing.  Politically Portugal has influence and confidence as their former Prime Minister, Antonio Guterres will take up the new post of United Nations secretary-general taking over from Ban Ki-moon this month.

The newspaper even went as far as suggesting that the Iberian Peninsula should be united.  Im not quite sure how the Portuguese would feel about that but the country definitely has the feeling of a country ‘on the up’ and we have noticed growth and a quiet and new optimism in the people around our area.  A very different story from a few years ago and it is really exciting and positive to see!  We are expecting even more visitors this year at Casa da Bezerra and, along with launching our new workshop and soap making courses, we hope to have another fabulous year here in beautiful Portugal..........  Why not come and see for yourself

Puro Soap Courses - starting in February 2017 - email info@quintadocobral.com to find out more

Puro Soap Courses - starting in February 2017 - email info@quintadocobral.com to find out more