Walking in our Quinta Wonderland

We have been enjoying the most incredible weather this winter, wall to wall sunshine since November with only a couple of cloudy days imbetween.  While this is not so good for the water table and we know rain will come we have been enjoying every moment of the balmy days and piercingly cold nights.  Luckily our heating has been performing well and the cold has been a real test of our little wood burner in Casa da Bezerra, its doing well, keeping our guests cozy and warm throughout Christmas and the New Year.

Wrapping up warm first thing in the morning to do the farm chores is essential but walking up the rock after feeding the goats its wonderful to see the first rays of sun on the house.  We are blessed with sunlight on our house, even now in the winter, for the whole day from sunrise to sunset and those first rays of sun are always so welcome.

Our Sunday morning dog walk was beautiful today, brilliant sunshine and the first glimpses of early spring crocus opening up to enjoy the rays.  I particularly love the colours, lime green moss with the rusty brown of bracken against the amazing blue sky, it makes me want to come home and paint something but I know I could never recreate that combination that nature does so well.  The river is looking particularly good this year, really clear and clean with beautiful reflections.  We need to enjoy this right now before it turns into a raging brown torrent with the rains that will surely come soon.

Returning from our walk the sun has already melted most of the frost in the bottom field and its time to put the kettle on and stoke up the fire - Life is pretty good really...........

Ishbel RamsayComment