Village Life

Hi there, just a very quick blog today as Im still working on one about our epic 4 day tour of the River Douro. We had the chance to sit up in the village square one evening this week when my Niece Amaya came to stay. It was a perfect evening, warm and balmy, everyone out and about chatting outside the bars and restaurants and kids happily playing in the park, just lovely to watch with a gorgeous large Gin and Tonic from our friends at Restaurant a Carvalha. Then as the light dropped and deepened this happened…..


The large bottle brush tree outside O Coretto restaurant (Callistemon 'Splendens') just lit up as if it had caught fire, a truly beautiful sight.

About ten minutes later the shepherd came through the square bringing his sheep and goats home and I managed to get a video. Such a lovely sight, the bells were jangling away and it looked to me like the goats were not ready to go home, just a spot of pruning hedges on the way.

A beautiful village, Lagares da Beira, we are truly blessed to be lucky enough to live here.