Why do we charge the same low rental price throughout the year?

Summer is here and getting away with the kids in the school holidays without breaking the bank is a nightmare - as all parents know.  The prices are often raised to unbelievable levels as companies cash in on increased demand.  

I do understand the laws of supply and demand and accept that you will have to pay more at popular times of the year but prices are often hiked up to nine times the amount and I think this is just greedy and not acceptable.

Families with children are often forced to take their kids away during term time to avoid the huge costs.  In 2013 the then education secretary Michael Gove introduced new rules, book a family holiday and take your children out of school in term time and expect a fine of £60 which rises to £120 if you don’t pay within 21 days.  However, last year (2018)  in a landmark hearing, the High Court ruled that it is not illegal to remove a child from school as long as they had a good attendance record.  Still it's all very confusing and worrying and puts a lot of parents off.-


Do you gaze out of your window and see that yet again its grey and wet?  How about soaking up the sun, lazing by a beautiful river beach, playing with the kids in the pool while showing them another part of the world?  The perfect antidote to another cold, wet day.


A family of 4 in August

Will pay only €13.75 per person, per night, the same price as they would in December!

The two nearest hotels to us are charging €38.10 and €56.71 per person, per night - Now that’s GREAT value!

Piggie Wiggies!!

Piggie Wiggies!!

The great news is that here at Quinta do Cobral our price per night remains the same throughout the year

We believe this is fair and gives families the chance to spend a holiday here without paying extortionate nightly fees

When I was a single mum bringing up two kids I know how hard it was

Holiday rentals are often much better value and, while every experience is different, you will get a wonderful relaxing holiday with us.  Facilities will vary wildly, most (like ours) are great for self-catering which often makes life much easier when you have fussy kids around and many include pools and barbecues (like ours). 

This type of holiday is not always for people who like to be waited on hand and foot, guests have to do their own cleaning and washing up but if you don't fancy battling for a sun lounger by the pool each morning there are lots of advantages, you can also cut luggage space as we have a washing machine!


We have masses of space for your kids to let off steam and explore nature - we have our own, hand drawn nature hunt activity sticker sheets to colour and keep!

photo 3.jpg

A chance to engage with all the lovely animals at our farm, 

How about having a culinary experience cooking in a real, wood fired outdoor oven?

Just relax in homely surroundings and your own space with no set times or agenda,

We have a lot of sunny days in Portugal!!


And all for €13.75 a night


We would be really happy to hear about your family holiday experiences, what was great? what was frustrating? how much did you pay? do you think we are doing the right thing? Please leave a comment, thanks XX